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Great Ocean Road

Museums and monuments

 - Great Ocean Road Apollo Bay

A great scenic route in Australia.

The Great Ocean Road is a coastal road south-west of Melbourne winding its way from Torquay (100 km from Melbourne) to Warrnambool (350 km from Melbourne). Since its construction during the interwar period, this road hugging the cliffs that border the ocean, has become one of the most touristic roads in Australia.

You'll find the Port Campbell National Park along the route, which is home to some splendid natural rock sculptures ((Gibsons Steps, Twelve Apostles, Arch, London Bridge). The Great Ocean Road is also the surfers' paradise route with Torquay Beach one of the great surfing beaches along the coast.


Address Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road, B100 - 3233 - Apollo Bay

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Great Ocean Road
3233 - Apollo Bay



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